Wha…wha..wwhhwhat? What? WHAT THE HELL?

The Pro-Choice movement has a new choice for you all– your gender!

Under a plan considered by the NYC Board of Health, you can petition to have your gender reassigned with an affidavit from a mental health care professional.

“Well, Francesca, aside from the beard, body hair, lack of female genitalia, full set of male genitalia, and lack of uterus, you’re just like a woman.”

And they want to say the CONSERVATIVES are against science? Come on, folks. XX or XY. It’s genetic. Your sex is determined at conception! Oh, wait, that’s the rub. You see, you’re not really a person at conception (because you can still be killed, er, aborted, er… um choiced) so what science defines at that point is completely arbitrary.

Makes total sense, doesn’t it?

I’ve watched a few of these shows where women become men or men become women on Discovery or some other documentary network. And they’re effective– you truly feel compassion for these people.

Then you sit back and think– well, if they’re an XX, they’re a woman. If they’re an XY, they’re a man. Oh. Ok. Got it. Now, there are exceptions– there are people that are XXY or XXXY and they have a legitimate conflict. But if Bobby Jo likes wearing women’s clothing, shaving his body, and calling himself Shirley– it’s not a change, it’s not a conflict, it’s a preference against what you really are– a man.

This decision is political and damaging, no doubt, and should be struck down by any level-headed judge as soon as it’s challenged. But if it stands, it opens the door for other preference changes.

Tired of being white? Get a doctor to say you’re really black! Got that, K-Fed?
Tired of driving around finding parking? Choose to be disabled!
I never liked being the “Universal Donor”. I’m changing my blood type to A+. Wait! No! Better yet, I’ll choose to be blood type Q-!
And this whole human thing? Why, it’s crap! I’m going to get a doctor’s note that says I’m a dolphin!

ERrrrr Ere eeeeEEEEeeeEEEee. Ch-eeeeeERRRRRRreeee!

(That means: H/T Hot Air in dolphin.)


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