Election update: I just had a Ginger Ale!

We had some left over from when my daughter was sick. So I had myself a ginger ale. It was delicious!

Ah, as the French-speaking John Kerry would say, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

That means American soldiers are stupid.

No, wait! It means “the more things change, the more they remain the same” (or, more literally, the more it changes, the more it is the same thing”).

So, the election came around. Seriously, the GOP could not have done anything more wrong in the past 4 years. Remember they had losses in the House in 2004 from 2002. That’s an indicator things aren’t really going your way. And they didn’t change their stance. Let’s examine:

GOP policies we like:
Less government & fiscal responsibility
Less gun laws
Lower taxes
Strong foreign policy
Less government mandates on racial hiring
Well-defended border
Stop the crazy “rights for criminals/terrorist” crowd
Pro-life stances on abortion & embryonic stem cell research
Strict interpretation of the Constitution

GOP policies we don’t like:
Being a bunch of Fundamentalists and imposing those views on the country
Subsequently, running on those platforms and then end up violating those platforms.

So what do we get? A strong foreign policy. An Iraq war that seems, to a majority of folks, to be going nowhere. Nothing substantial on illegal immigration. More government, plus a whole new department! (Homeland security.) And a budget deficit. Granted, we’re fighting a war, but really– could there not have been some pork-busting fellas? We also got No Child Left Behind and the Medicare Entitlement, plus a possible Illegal Alien Blanket Amnesty bill that almost got through.

So, yeah, the base is pretty miffed at the GOP at the moment. According to the latest data, we’re looking at three seats switching in the Senate (ABC is calling Maryland for Cardin even though Steele is in the lead? I don’t get it) and 5 more seat switches in the House. Bear in mind the Democrats need 3 more changes in the Senate and 5 more in the House, by Drudge projections, to take the Houses of Congress. Allen is winning in Virginia. Talent is winning in Missouri. The Maryland race is called for Cardin, but everything I’ve seen shows Steele ahead. I guess all the precincts that have been reporting are Republican strongholds.

So, from where I sit, we’re looking at nearly a 50-50 Senate, still controlled by Republicans. And a House with a difference of about 5 seats, still controlled by Republicans.

What does that mean?

It means that in a year of Republican miscues, scandals, and an unpopular war, the Democrats can’t even win when it’s all going their way. Perhaps it’s the message?

Nah. Diebold cheated. The message is awesome.

NOTE: Governorships seem to be going to Democrats.


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