Wisconsin News: Updating Local Results

For those in the Cheesehead State (that’s our official flower!), here’s the latest on the races:

Definition of Marriage Act (that’s one man and one woman, don’tcha know) is passing by about a 59-41 margin with 62% of precincts reporting.

Death Penalty: Allows use of the death penalty in cases where DNA proves guilt is passing as well. Passing 55-45 with 62% in.

Governor: Doyle is at 54%, Green at 44%, with 64% of the precincts reporting. Call for Doyle would be a safe bet.
Attorney General: Van Hollen is losing to Falk, now 49-51 with 64% in.
US Senate: Herb Kohl won this ages ago.
Sec. of State: Doug La Follette is the winner over Sullivan, 57-37.
Treasurer: Sass over Voight, 49-45, 57% in.
House Race 1: Ryan over Thomas. 62-38 with 74% reporting.
House Race 2: Baldwin over Magnum (PI) 63-37 with 90% reporting.
House Race 3: Kind over Nelson 64-36 with 56% reporting.
House Race 4: Moore over Rivera 73-27 81% reporting.
House Race 5: Sensenbrenner over Kennedy 62-35 with 40% reporting.
House Race 6: Obey over Reid 63-34 with 47% reporting
House Race 7: Kagen over Gard 52-48 with 67% reporting.
State Senate 1: Robson over Addie 68-32 with 55% reporting.
State Senate 2: Schultz over Simonson 54-46 with 48% reporting.
State House 1: Nass over Woods, 65-32, 80% reporting.
State House 2: Lothian over Schroeder, 53-47% with 47% in.
State House 3: Newcomer over Radosevich, 72-28, 23% in.
State House 4: Jorgensen 54, Gasper 46, 100% in.
State House 5: Kleefisch over block, 66-34, 40% in.
State House 6: Fitzgerald over Clawson, 65-35, 45% in.
State House 7: Hines over Henney, 54-46, 72% in.
State House 8: Hickson over Towns, 51-49, 52% in.
State House 9: Sheridan over Yoss, 61-39, 69% in.
State House 10: Hahn /Yost at 50:50. 76% reporting.
State House 11: Parsi over Long, 76-24, 95%.
State House 12: Loeffelholtz over Garthwaite, 50-48, 13%.
State House 13: Albers over Buros, 51-49, 52%.
State House 14: Freese / Hilgenberg, 50-50, 47% in. (8 votes apart!)
State House 15: Schneider over Stewart, 61-39, 48% in.
State House 16: Davis over Ringhand, 51-49, 97% votes in.


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