How Big Is This Tent?

Looks like Mel Martinez will be taking over the RNC Chairmanship. This isn’t great news. While I like his credentials, he managed to win his senate seat with a plurality. He’s against a tough immigration policy, and that’s not going to help the disgruntled base. Which begs the question:

How big should the tent be?

We know the reasoning behind the choice of Martinez– he can woo the coveted Latin demographic. Considering they’re growing in numbers, and likely a powerhouse minority block, it’s only natural any politician would want that voting force on their side.

Martinez has been in favor of a “soft” immigration stance. It’s attractive because it’s been that way for a very long time. Migrant workers are a vital source of cheap labor, and even though it’s cheap labor, it’s still worlds better than any pay they’re receiving south of the border. They’re a Catholic voting block (and that means conservative for the most part) and they’re hard working.

The disadvantage comes from the point of critical mass, and I will stress the point that it’s not any particular group that is causing this. The influx of immigrants, especially illegal immigrants and first-generation citizens of the illegals, is putting a dire strain on government resources, and that can only lead to disaster.

Some of you are thinking– wait a minute! How can the destruction of government be a bad thing? And I’ll call you anarchists. So shape up!

But others are thinking that it’s illustrating a flaw with our entitlement system– free education, subsidized health care, humanitarian benefits– why should the illegals get these benefits when they’re not paying tax dollars?

It’s a valid point. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat goofy. Anyone in the country earning under $35,000 can qualify for federal assistance. In addition, if they have children, they’re probably getting EIC for taxes withheld, and that means $0 is being paid in taxes. So the idea that they’re not paying taxes and should be denied these services is silly– it’s not race specific. It may seem that way when you go to the emergency room and see 80% people of Mexican descent, but there are locales where the opposite is true.

I feel that so long as they’re working and contributing, they should stay here. And I’m not alone in how I feel.

As for government services, health care is taxed, to be certain. But education is the other system where the strain of so many immigrants is causing severe damage.

We know education is the best way for people to escape poverty and ignorance. But as the immigrant population increases in size, it’s flooding the schools with bodies, and as such, the class sizes are getting way too large to be effective. As a result, kids are dropping out, and that leads to menial labor or crime. Crime is on the upswing, and you’ll find a correlation between class size, dropout rates and criminal activity. That’s going to cause prison population problems (and it already is). The inability for government-run schools to accommodate such numbers shows the failure of the school system, especially where Latina populations are concerned.

Now, the other concern I have is terrorism. Agents can sneak across the Southern border relatively easy. As a security measure, the borders need to be secured. We’ve heard much from politicians about the ports and how having them owned by a UAE coglomerate is a bad thing. But the Southern (and Northern) borders are still wide open. So the solution was to put a wall along the shorter, Southern border, patrol it, and allow people from Mexico to have “guest worker” program. So long as we can identify those coming over the border as a guest worker, it will decrease the illegal population while still providing some security.

I’m beginning to fall asleep here, but I wanted to leave you with this thought. Mel’s a reasonable choice. But he’s not a winner. He’s an attempt to woo the Latin vote. He won’t do very well because he looks like a rich while conservative. Nobody is going to take him seriously, and the fact he’s “middle of the roadish” just reinforces the idea of the Big Tent– a tent to include everyone. But that tent has long been losing air- and the Republican base. We need good, smart conservative leadership. Martinez isn’t going to cut it.


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