I’m going to talk about Breastfeeding!

Drudge has a “shocker” on his site with a photoshopped Claudia Vargas (pictured below) “nursing her baby at the news anchor desk.

Now my two children have both been breastfed. It’s been shown to give a real boost to the immune system of a child if they can nurse up to the age of 1. They also get a host of nutrients. It’s good for the mother, as it keeps her metabolism high and helps her shed the pregnancy weight. It also has some other healing benefits to the post-birth body.

I don’t see why this would be a shocker, other than it’s a photoshopped head of Vargas on another person’s body.

Vargas was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that gold top!” Good for you!

But the issue is also one of acceptance. Some people don’t like women “whipping it out” to feed their children in public. They think it’s creepy and disturbing. It was a big deal on “The View” a little while ago when Barbara Walters was complaining about a woman next to her on an airplane nursing her baby.

How dare they feed their children! No wonder we’re all obese!

But the outrage is not something I understand. Is it modesty? Is it jealousy? Is it offense? (How can you let all that formula go to waste!) I don’t get it. Breastfeeding is a great option for children. If a woman is blessed with the ability to nurse, and the child can latch on, then do it. The benefits to the mother and child are great. If you are uncomfortable with a mother lovingly sharing a meal with her child, then you should check yourself. Really.

Oh, and NurseOut— Nurse-ins are really a bizarre event. Effectively it’s like a bunch of people protesting you by coming over and eating lunch in your foyer.


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