Now let’s abort the living

I don’t know if you saw this, but the Church of England is now backing doctors who want the right to terminate disabled newborns as a form of “mercy killing”.

So, what have we gone from? We started with “Abortion is a grave sin” to “Abortion is a matter of privacy” to “Abortion isn’t that sinful” to today where we have “Abortion can even be done after birth.” Of course, it’s all in the name of mercy.

Here we have the phenomena of moving goalposts. The C of E has been moving left for a long time. They started with divorce, but in recent times have moved to allow women priests (not a big deal), to openly homosexual priests (bigger deal), homosexual bishops, and now euthanasia. Their stance on abortion is that it’s bad, but if it is to be done, to be done as quickly and as early as possible. (I guess it’s not a person in God’s eyes if it doesn’t really look like a person.)

In 10-20 years, I’m sure we see a softening stance on abortion, where abortion is OK if it would mean the mother would have to give up watching “Big Brother XXV” to take care of her child.

The Western views on life have been gradually eroding for a number of years. The Roman Catholic Church has been a remarkably consistent voice, even in light of the “radical” proposals of Vatican II. You can always gauge how the Protestants will move with the Church of England. The constant objections by the Vatican are falling on deaf ears with fellow Christians, and that’s something the Roman Church seems to object to.

I am not surprised at this. But I worry about the “severely disabled” moniker. Are we talking gross malformations that would cause a lifespan of under a year? Under 6 months? Or are we talking about “severely disabled” babies like those with Down Syndrome, the mentally handicapped. What about those with MS? Cerebral palsy? Epilepsy? Asthma? A gross wart on the nose?

Most people would say, “Come on. You don’t expect us to buy that a gross wart on the nose warrants abortion, do you?” No. But in this upcoming century of designer babies, if you see a “wart” on the DNA that you don’t like, you can just chuck that child and try again. or you can give that embryo over to stem cell researchers. All because there’s an perceived imperfection in the child.

Many of us are concerned with these types of labels. Fortunately the “Pro-Life” crowd doesn’t need to move their goalposts. They’re rigidly set, and we know that you can’t redefine someone’s humanity away.


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