We’re saving your life!

By banning almost all smoking!

“We have a tremendous opportunity here. We need to pass as stringent a law as we can, I would like to make it illegal,” said Councilman Dave Warden. “What if every city did this, image how many lives would be saved? If we can do one little thing here at this level it will matter.”

Warden then proceeded to daydream. “What if we banned soft drinks? And candy? No more obesity! And trans fats! And enriched flour! Yes, all that stuff will save lives! Oh, and driving above a speed of– wait, ban cars altogether! It will save the world! And capitalism! Yes! No more unequal distribution of wealth! Imagine all the good it will do!”

When someone in government raves about how much good a program will do me, I know at that moment just how much ill it will cause me.

And I don’t even smoke.


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