Is there a draft in here?

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) was on Meet the Press yesterday. He thinks they should bring back the draft. Watch it all at HotAir.

As Michelle Malkin points out, Rangel thinks the draft would be a great idea, especially if all young people had to commit to some kind of service, be it military or something else.

So, what Rangel is asking for is a mandatory volunteer service. You have to volunteer to do something if you’re a young person, regardless if we are at war or not.

Know what kind of nations institute the same policies? Socialist countries.

I just have a small rebuttal for any pro-draft democrats and media types. Had you been 100% behind the war and we approached Afghanistan and Iraq as a united front with complete resolve, we’d have far less problems with Iraq than we do today.

But with all the second-guessing and “illegal war” nonsense, and with all the opposition to anything Bush did, the terrorists have seen their attrition campaign as a success. By feeding into the defeat machine, the anti-war Left and MSM have prolonged the conflict, and that may have necessitated a stronger troop presence. Three years of fully-resolved American might in the region would have crushed a despairing opposition. But they aren’t despairing because people like Pelosi, Murtha, and Rangel are out opposing the war and bemoaning how terrible it is and how we should withdraw immediately.

Take home lesson: if you don’t want a draft, don’t vote for Democrats. And don’t speak ill of conflicts we are currently in.


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