Anti-Hezbollah Lebanese PM is Killed by Unknown Gunman

Pierre Gamayel, Lebanese PM, was gunned down in his car earlier today. He was a Lebanese Parliamentarian who was fighting Syrian involvement in his country, and therefore fighting Hezbollah in the Lebanese government.

But nobody knows who kills him. Right? Right.

Syria has condemned the killing. So has the US. Who’s responsible? It was probably a drive-by killing by muggers. Or a mistaken identity. Hezbollah would never do this, nor would Syria. It’s not like they’ve done this kind of thing in the past.

Listen, that’s the way the terrorist mindset works. Kill those who oppose you. Hariri was killed to send a message not to oppose Syria. Now Gamayel has gotten the same message.

I fully expect this to backfire. We saw how Lebanon responded to Hariri’s killing. It will respond the same way to Gamayel’s killing. This time they should oust Hezbollah– take the parliamentary seats away and label Hezbollah an illegal group. Lebanon can’t antagonize Syria, but they can certainly antagonize Hezbollah.

The clearest way to do this would be to seek a joint military operation with Israel to eliminate Hezbollah from the South. They should even ask the UN for help, or ask them to leave, because if they stay they’ll just protect the terrorists.

This is what happens when you do not submit. They try and kill you. Are we the people who will stand up to the thugs, or will we slowly give away our freedoms to avoid conflict?

Syria has condemned the killings, but they have to. They know who’s behind the assassination, and they won’t lift a finger to help find them.

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