Thanksgiving Aquanet Moment!

It’s been a while. People seemed to calm down after the election. The Republicans were depressed, the Democrats jubilant– there was no need for insanity.

Well, that fog seems to be lifting. Enter Daniel Goldin, PuffingTons Host contributor. He’s melancholy because they’ve killed Bond’s “hero image” with the latest Bond incarnation.

The first bit I can get behind (although I haven’t seen the movie). His analysis seems reasonable:

And now we have a new, highly un-ironic James Bond to keep the debate going. Gone are the smirks and the double-entendres (“Just keeping the British end up, sir,” said Roger Moore mid-sex-act). Instead we have a guy who looks like he’s spent way too much time laboring in a gym, a guy who bleeds, who feels pain, who gets dewy-eyed when his girl dies. Gone is Bond’s trademark unflappability in the face of danger. This last loss makes me worry not just for irony, but for heroism — at least the kind of movie heroism Bond stood for.

Cool. A new Bond. I’m excited to see this when it comes to video. (Remember, I have children– no going to the movies for me.) Everything was going swimmingly in this light, introspective analysis of the new post-9/11 Bond. There’s nothing to light your hair on fire.

Until he says this:

If 9-11 ended irony, George Bush ended heroism.

You have to be KIDDING ME. George W. Bush changed James Bond?!

It’s ludicrous. What makes it even more ludicrous is that Casino Royale was a Flemming novel written 50 years ago! And, from what I hear, it sounds like Craig is adhering to the Bond model set up in Casino Royale rather than the Roger More flippant super-agent.

But to say “George Bush ended heroism” is going to go into the Top Ten Bush Derangement Syndrome Statements Ever Made.

Beware of flaming follicles, Daniel.


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