They’re right: Ahmadinejad isn’t Hitler

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Nazism scapegoated the Jews from a secular angle. It also focused hate on a particular group to drum up unity and aggressiveness. There was a lot of hate in Germany following the “blank check” policy they wrote to France after the WWI Armistice. Jews were a minority and already had substantial prejudice laid against them from Christians who held the Crucifixion Grudge and from others who saw them as an invader.

We fought a war against Nazism and won. We made sure that we stood up for what’s right and took a stand against the genocidal maniacs in the world.

But don’t get your hopes up. There are still many people who hate the Jews, particularly Israel, for refusing to be annihilated. This should be a shock to most Americans, who, despite what Al Sharpton says, are the most racially integrated and understanding people on the planet. Now, most anti-Jew sentiment is anti-Israeli sentiment. But seriously, can you say with a straight face “I hate Israel, but I don’t hate Jews?”

What should even be more of a shock is that a former US President has written a book basically lauding the Palestinian causes. If you have any doubt, read the comments on the Amazon.com page. I’ll highlight one for you that gave Carter’s book 5 stars:

Israel is the root of the world’s problems, November 21, 2006

Reviewer: D. SouraSee all my reviews

At least somebody with status is willing to speak out about Israel’s atrocities. Carter is right on target to label this an “apartheid” state! In case you didn’t know how deeply rooted this problem is I would recommend David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism, which is also available on Amazon.

Is it any wonder why we just got duped into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan, when our media is completely monopolized by Zionists and our government has a hugely disproportionate number of Israel lovers? If you don’t believe me please visit these two links and then start doing some research!

The Zionists control it all! How could I have been so blind!

But it’s typical. If you want to see a good rebuttal on the subject, especially from someone who’s read the book, here’s Alan Dershowitz at the PuffingTons Host. I highly recommend you read the comments as well, just to get a sense of the growing anti-Semitism that plagues the “tolerant” liberal community.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. It coincides with the increase in the Muslim population as well.

You can see it at soccer games between Jews and Muslims, games which are supposed to foster cooperation and brotherhood (so long as the Jews lose).

New NATO member Turkey is trying two Muslim-to-Christian converts who did the unthinkable– evangelize. All the while protesters in Turkey storm the Hagia Sophia and threaten the Pope before his visit.

Miss Brussels declared that Israel should be wiped off the map. This really put her hopes to be Miss Beligum in jeopardy. That’s OK. She’s in tight with the Marxist-Leninist party.

I’ve already talked about Syrian apologists, like Mark Levine, who think Israel is behind all bad things.

And of course, there’s the UN. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour was recently very critical of Israel for its military strategy in latest war. When asked about the difference between attacking a civilian area with rockets and firing on a rocket launcher in a civilian area, she said the two could not be equated. Which is great. Then she said the following:

“In one case you could have, for instance, a very objectionable intent – the intent to harm civilians, which is very bad – but effectively not a lot of harm is actually achieved,” she said. “But how can you compare that with a case where you may not have an intent but you have recklessness [in which] civilian casualties are foreseeable? The culpability or the intent may not sound as severe, but the actual harm is catastrophic.”

According to her, it’s actually worse to attack a military target using its own people as civilians than it is to allow that rocket launcher to fire on civilian populations unchallenged! She’s daft. Now, if her stand is become that of the standard nation, then all you have to do is put your missile launchers on top of hospitals and day-care centers and you can fire missiles all you want. And the UN will say, “Hey, that’s really bad. You might want to think about shooting less of them or stopping all together, OK?” And meanwhile, to spare their civilian population these attacks, a jet flies in, fires a missile into the position, and it’s an atrocity because “there were civilians nearby”?!!?!?!?!?! What a double standard!

So we can see that the far-left liberal movement is against Israel. They want to push Israel into the sea. Ahmadinejad is right on board. But he’s not Hitler. No, he’s just after a political advantage.

Too bad the intent is made clear by the population. And if people like Jimmy Carter get their say, it’ll happen, and nobody will lift a finger to help the slaughter of millions of Jews.


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