Speaking of Reading Too Many Comments

David Selbourne at the Spectator in the UK is really bent out of shape that there are people who are extremists (and his bias shows– but I’ll leave that for you to pick up). Here’s a snippet.

Roughly speaking, the blogging ‘right’ is anti-Muslim (and not just anti-Islam), pro-gun and apple pie, anti-‘big government’ and ‘liberals’ in DC, and generally pro-British, anti-European and pro-Israel; while the ‘left’ is anti-‘extremist’, anti-‘racist’, pro-‘human rights’, anti-militarist, anti-US support for Israel and anti-corporate — the last a position sometimes to be found on the ‘right’ also.

It’s not anti-Muslim. It’s anti-Mulsim extremist, and that really seems to be the majority in the Middle East at the moment, as no moderate voices are heard. Also, by exclusion as a “rightie”, I am “pro-extremist, pro-racism, anti-human rights, pro-militarist, pro-US support for Israel and pro-corporate”. Well, David, I’m not in favor of extremism, I’m not a racist, I’m believe in human rights, and I also believe that it is our duty to ensure everyone in the world gets those rights, and sometimes military force is needed to accomplish that. I’m also pro-Israel, for the most part, and I’m pro-market– the less government intervention in the free market, the better.

If that makes me an extremist– well, I’d hate to see what you think of some others.



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