Separtions of Church and State

Here in the US there’s always some kind of “separation of church and state” legal issue. Typically it’s the ACLU defending the right of some atheist to not say the pledge of allegiance with “God” in it, or barring a prayer before a high school football game, or some other such nonsense. It’s always news, making some nationally prominent news show. It even makes news when it’s not our country.

But now we have the opposite. China is ordaining bishops in the Catholic Church.

Now, before you say, “What the hell?”, know that the Catholic Church and China have had ties for a while, and the communist regime has allowed Catholicism, although they don’t recognize the Vatican as that would divert centralized power from Beijing. The Church in China is called the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. Sounds like something Jesus thought up, right?

The Holy See has objected to the appointment of bishops without approval, and it results in immediate excommunication from the Church for those bishops because they act outside of Vatican authority. It’s nothing new, but it’s hit the news wires as a minor story because it involves POPE ROTTWEILER. They love saying that. I call him POPE BENEDICT XVI.

Here’s what China said to the Pope:

The Chinese government has a positive attitude towards improving relations with the Vatican, and we want to have a constructive dialogue on the issue of the consecration of bishops,” the statement said.

“We hope the Vatican will stop interfering with China’s internal affairs and demonstrate its sincerity towards the improvement of relations through concrete actions.”

That makes me laugh. China is interfering in the Church’s right to govern its own religion, but they’re accusing the Vatican of interfering in state affairs.

And there’s no outcry here. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a state control religion, but the instant you get a Christian near a seat of power, it’s “Whoooaaaaa, Nelly!” I say Christian because countries like Iran are given a free pass on Theocracy– an actual, honest to goodness theocracy– whereas GW Bush is a born-again Christian and he’s trying to beat everyone over the head with a Bible. Guess who’s the bad guy?

And, just as China told the Vatican what to do, so is Tony Blair!

Tony Blair has told religious leaders to “face up to reality” and drop their opposition to condoms to help the fight against Aids.

It’s an interesting facet of socialism to tell others what to do, and then get totally bent out of shape when someone else does the same thing. Blair is actually telling the Vatican that their dogma is wrong! So, Tony Blair’s got a pipeline to God who’s filling him in on everything except how to stabilize Iraq. It’s insane. The reason the Vatican is in opposition to contraception is rooted in teaching and faith. It’s not that the Vatican wants to kill millions of people, it’s that the act of sexual union is interconnect between man, woman and God, and to interfere with it is a serious form of hubris.

But that doesn’t matter. It’s the State, and it can tell religion what to do. However, go the other way and have the Church tell the State what to do, and we have people protesting by the millions to keep religion out of government.


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