Let the waste begin!

Nancy Pelosi is throwing a four-day-long party to celebrate her elevation to the Speaker position.

Now, compare that to the party Bush threw in ’04. Or Reagan. Or Carter in ’76. Even Clinton in ’96 had the decency to limit his inaugural party to a day-long celebration. Not four days worth of events. That’s excess. And isn’t that one of the things the public hates about politicians?

Now, a classy soiree would have been a 1 day celebration with 3 days of showing up a charity functions, soup kitchens, Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, all that good stuff. Not planning Tony Bennett’s arrival to serenade you for orchestrating a political coup.

It reminds me of the Wellstone memorial. There’s a proper service, then there’s over the top. What we’re seeing is far, far over the top.

But I expected it. And I’m sure we’ll see two years of over-the-top Speakerhood. We’re already seeing it in the Senate, where Democrat Senators are already taking it upon themselves to fly to many different countries and undermine US policy.


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