Merry Christmas in all its forms

Now that there’s two hours left in Christmas, let me be the first to wish that the next two hours find you very well and I sincerely hope your Christmas was as chock-full of quality family time as mine.

I got myself a trackball for my new laptop. I’m sorry, but those touch-pads are a nuisance.

And I also got another Christmas wish– this one from the PuffingTons Host.

Here’s a roundup of their Christmas contributors and a short description of their pieces:

Chris Kelly— I hate Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip.

John Brockman— Have an Edgy Christmas (hawking his website by showing famous atheists hanging around Christmas trees).

John R. Bohrer — The world is a violent, depressing place.

Steven Weber— No more sucky presidents!

Patt Morrisson— A good piece about Christmas– until the very end where it’s the attack of the BU$$$HITLER.

Nina Burleigh— Dear Santa, please censor Tom Friedman, and then at the same moment, give children books instead of computer games. So, what I’m really saying is, Santa, please make sure the Children read only the people we agree with. Thanks!

Chris Durang — I went caroling with my neighbor, but didn’t like singing about Christ during Christmas. Those Christians take the fun out of everything, even Christmas Carols!

John Seery — A very Merry Pointy-Headed Christmas to you! Hey, and why doesn’t anyone read my blog?

John Ridley— Michael Richards needs a fruitcake. (A worthwhile snippet, but a Christmas headline? Hardly.)

Trey Ellis— This is a story from my book! It’s boring, kind of out of context, but it’s about Christmas. Well, it’s about stuff that happened on Christmas.

John McQuaid — Global Warming will destroy Christmas. (Start the reactor, Quaid!)

Danielle Crittenden
— You Christians are missing out. Hanukkah is far better. But, I do *miss* Christmas. Isn’t that enough? I’m fearless! I like Hanukkah because it doesn’t involve the months of preparation and short Christmas present-opening that it all culminates in. And the boring Church ceremonies. And the fact they don’t talk about Global Warming. What do they talk about? Some spiritual redemption. Big deal! I’m happier being a cynic.

Warren Berger
— Jack Murtha saves Christmas! And Iraq!

Carl Pope — Bush and lackeys are bad! Lumps of coal!

And what did Arianna say this Christmas day?

However difficult this year may have been — and it certainly had more than its share of suffering and strife — this is the day to focus on our blessings. And as we all bask in the grace of this day, we have one last gift for you to unwrap: a special line-up of holiday-inspired posts. Feel free to re-gift them to someone you love!

How can I enjoy a litany as depressing and spiritually void as those? Evidently they didn’t get the memo from the boss. (“Write about Christmas and about your blessings!” “Oh, I give thanks I’m an atheist!” “And I give thanks I’m no longer a Christian!”)

But, for all that’s bad, there were some people who got the message. Etan Thomas and Susan Madrak, to you, you get your own Yuletide Aquanet Moments, because you’d have to be crazy to write about Christmas on a liberal blog at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas!


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