Gerald Ford, R.I.P.

I didn’t know much about him or his Presidency, mainly because it was so abbreviated and I was 5 when he left office.

Ford’s Presidency was relatively uneventful. The public wasn’t happy than an unelected official was President, especially one who was appointed after his boss (Nixon) resigned in disgrace.

I think the biggest lesson we can learn from the Ford Presidency is how to deal with hysteria, especially “The World Is Gonna End” hysteria. During the Ford Presidency, there was a concern that the “swine flu” was going to cross over from pigs and start obliterating people at a rate not seen since the influenza epidemic of 1918. Ford recommended immediate vaccinations, and scared people lined up to get vaccinated. The program cost millions. The number of people who died of the crossover swine flu? Less than ten. The vaccinations killed 25 people. (Gee, sounds kind of like the Bird Flu, doesn’t it?)

One other side note– current justice John Stevens is a Ford appointee. Souter is an George HW Bush appointee. I’d like to take this moment to point out that two of the four liberals on the current court were Republican appointees. If that’s the case– why is it always a battle royale to confirm Republican justices? Just a thought….


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