Angela Bonavoglia: How dare they!

PuffingTons Host contributor Angela Bonavolgia is all bent out of shape about the “mass excommunication” in the Lincoln Diocese. The excommunication is aimed at Catholics who are members of Call to Action, a “progressive” organization dedicated to “Church reform”.

First, you need a little background on the story. Bishop Bruskewitz said that membership in an organization like Call to Action (and that includes support of Planned Parenthood, Catholics for a Free Choice, the Hemlock society, among others) is anathema to the faith and shows a conflict of the soul– one cannot believe in abortion and that life starts at conception, for example. So he did what he’s supposed to do– excommunicate those who introduce dangerous views to Church teachings.

Your initial reaction might be, “Hey, that’s unfair! Those people were just expressing an opinion! The Church should listen to what they have to say….” After all, that’s Angela’s position.

I think it’s healthy to question your faith. However, I don’t think Call to Action is a healthy organization. Not so long ago, somebody else had an idea about changing the Church and he nailed 95 Theses to the door of his chapel.

Call to Action is similar in its contradiction of dogma. Angela highlights it in her piece, although she means to present it as some of the organization’s good points:

Independent of the church today, CTA supports a broad range of issues, many favored by the majority of U.S. Catholics, like ending clerical celibacy, ordaining women, greater lay power in church affairs, and lifting the illogical and indefensible ban on birth control.

Angela unwittingly highlights the major flaw in her thinking and the thinking of the leadership of CTA. “Independent of the church today…” starts her paragraph. Angela, if you want an organization that’s independent of the Church and supports married priests, women priests, homosexuals, birth control, and even abortion (because we know Angela’s big into “reproductive rights”), then here’s an idea: join the Anglicans. Don’t try and change the Church to suit your short-sighted social agenda.

Celibacy I understand. It’s not a big deal, and you can even find married Catholic Priests. I don’t think it’s what’s causing the excommunication. Female ordination? Again, another minor quibble. Same with “greater lay power”, although some laity think they can “exorcise” people. The last one is a huge deal-breaker. Ban on birth control? These people don’t understand the fundamentals of why the Church is opposed to birth control.

Let me explain it this way. Man and woman have sex and that creates a new life. Who’s the Creator? God. So if you and the missus decided to have a child, you have to involve the Creator. If you interfere with that process, you’re effectively thumbing your nose at God. It’s a crime of hubris and it’s a crime of lust, two of the Seven Deadly No-Nos.

If you want to know who’s backed by CTA, just look at their webpage. Guess who’s on the front? That’s right. Mama Moonbat herself, Cindy Sheehan. Divorced. Abandoned her children. Chillin‘ with Dictators Cindy freakinSheehan.

So, who are these people, you ask? Why is CTA getting singled out?

Let’s look at their mission statement and history from their web page:

Then in 1971 Pope Paul VI emphasized that it is the laity who have received the primary “Call To Action” to create a more just world. That same year the international synod of the bishops issued an unusually brief and clear document. It declared that “action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world appears to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the gospel.” And, cautioned the synod, “The church recognizes that anyone who ventures to speak to people about justice must first be just in their eyes; hence, we must undertake an examination of the modes of action, of the possessions, and of the lifestyle found within the church itself.”

I don’t have a problem with a “more just” laity. Fine. More power to them. But where does priestly celibacy, female ordination, anti-birth control, and other such programs come into the important scope of justice? They don’t. But they are the major rallying cries for CTA, and that leads me to believe that CTA has been hijacked by people who want to impose their liberal beliefs upon the Church.

Look at the topics on the “ChurchWatch” portion of the CTA website. With such topics as “Speaking out against a dictatorial Vatican”, we can only surmise the leadership of the CTA is interested in imposing their own social views upon the Vatican, and they have taken a rather antagonistic stance towards the Vatican.

The major issue I have with Angela and her CTA buddies is that their social beliefs are driving their religious beliefs, not the other way around. Under particular assault is the sacrament of Marriage. CTA wants to allow divorce and remarriage in the Church. They also want to allow contraception. Many Catholic scholars have clearly explained why both of these practices would be devastating to the Church.

CTA is no longer an institution which seeks justice. It’s an organization which seeks change, unjust or just, but change which conforms to beliefs that are not rooted in Catholic dogma or Tradition. It’s no surprise that CTA members were excommunicated in Lincoln. IMHO, I think such an organization, especially one that’s lost its way like CTA, should be excommunicated, not just in Lincoln, but everywhere they attempt to imprint their wayward views upon centuries of solid Catholic teaching.


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