Cancelling "The OC"

I’ll admit it. I’ve been an “O.C.” junkie since the show first hit FOX. It was interesting to watch the evolution of a television program such as the “O.C.”, and, although I’m sorry to see it go, I’m not surprised it’s going.

FOX has put the “O.C.” up against Grey’s and CSI. If you want an idea of how much those two dominate the ratings, bear in mind that NBC was floating a game show in that timeslot before bringing back the last season of “Scrubs” with the horrible “30 Rock”.

Granted the “O.C.” has it’s core fans, and its ratings have consistently hovered around 3.0, so it’s not losing audience. In fact, I think season 4 has been the best season of the show (competing closely with the second season). Season 3 was a very dark place, and the show lost its fun banter. In addition, Marissa (Mischa “Giant Neck” Barton) was pulling diva stunts on the set (which is why she was written off the show at the end of the 3rd season).

Surprisingly, the show has sprung to life. The addition of Taylor (Autumn Reeser) and Caitlin (Willa Holland) have done much to boost the show, although the lack of people Caitlin’s “age” have put her into a strange limbo as far as character development goes (the only person she can really interact with is her mother). That being said, I think Willa has an excellent acting career ahead of her. (Note to Willa– I will retract this statement if you ever, EVER cut an album.)

No drugs. No bad secondary love interests (Johnny, Oliver). No alcoholism. No Jeri Ryan wandering around, making everyone wonder why she’s there. It’s great. And what Josh Schwartz said about “going out on top” — it’s true.

To tell the truth, Seth, Summer, Ryan and Taylor all have to move on. It’s not 90210, where everyone stays in the area. It’s a good place to end the show. Had they left all four of them at UCLA, or sent them all to Brown, or Berkeley, or something odd like that, it would have been painful to watch. But here we can watch them close this tumultuous chapter of their lives and move on.

The “O.C.” was a great dynamic, but it had to be short lived. I will miss it, to a degree, but I’m not sorry to see it go out on top.

Not to mention Benjamin MacKenzie is going to be 29 this year. You can’t have someone playing a perpetual teenager when they hit their 30s.


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