Catholics in the News

A Polish priest who had been elevated to the position of Archbishop of Warsaw has resigned after admitting collaboration with the communist secret police.

But Wielgus admitted to deeper involvement on Friday after documents from secret police files were published in Polish newspapers that suggested he had informed on fellow clerics for decades, beginning in the late 1960s.

Wielgus has maintained that his collaboration with the SB, as the Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa is known, did not involve spying on anyone and did not hurt anyone. Nonetheless, any cooperation between the Polish clergy and the SB is troubling to Poles, as it is to people all over the former Soviet bloc, because the church under John Paul II, the Polish- born pope, was a beacon of hope and encouragement to people fighting for freedom from communist oppression.

It’s terrible when someone betrays their faith. I truly feel for him, though. In such a difficult position, you try to do what is right, and it looks like he is biting the bullet.

On the flip side, there’s Nancy Pelosi embracing her Catholicism.

Quite a makeover for newly sworn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as her national image morphed from leader of the San Francisco liberal elite to Italian Catholic mom from Baltimore.

There was her photo-op return to the Little Italy neighborhood where she grew up as Nancy D’Alesandro, the mayor’s daughter. There was the visit to St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, where they still recite Mass in Italian several times a year.

Of course, tacitly endorsing practices which are antithetical to your belief structure, such as abortion, birth control, stem cell research, divorce, and gay marriage, all for political power– well, that’s a betrayal of the faith as well. If she wants to be the “Catholic Mom from Baltimore”, so be it. But if she wants that title, she’s going to have to explain all of her policy issues in a Catholic context. No more being the San Francisco Liberal. At least everyone understood her positions in that context. But if she wants conservative Catholic cred– she’ll have to do some changing.


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