Port of Miami Shutdown

What do you call it when you’re kind of liveblogging a matter but you may have to go potty your children at any time? I’ll “liveblog” it (watching FOX news), but no guarantees it’ll still be live. I know. I’ll call it “undead blogging”– kind of live, kind of dead, undead blogging.

Fox news keeps showing a loop video with a police officer taking pictures of the back of a held shipping truck.

There’s a great shot of a couple of journos hanging around the microphone. Gotta love the Sunday dressed-down tech guys.

I want to know where they get those microphone holders. They are currently stripping the video markers from the mics. Before the holders were stripped, I notice much local coverage, a FOX mic, and one from Telemundo! CNN is currently covering the housing market. CNNHN is in commercial break. And MSNBC is showing off a golden statue of Keith Olberman paid for by Keith and Arianna Huffington! Just kidding. It’s in commercial break.

3:22 PM CT: Jets get killed by New England. Jets held on there but totally fell apart at the end. It’s a moot point. Whoever won is going to get killed by San Diego.

3:24 PM CT: Press Conference set for 3:45 my time. The bomb squad is on scene. The men being held are all Americans of Middle Eastern descent.

3:35 PM CT: That didn’t last long. My wife is here with the baby and it watching ‘Nigella Feasts”. I’ll do what I can from the Fox News website.

4:15 PM CT: News conference is on, baby!

Port of Miami is safe. All cargo ops continued uninterrupted.

Driver did not have proper ID for routine background check for One Day Pass conducted by Miami Dade Police.

Two additional passengers were in the back of the cab. “Miscommunication” on the amount of passengers in the cab raised level of concern. Security lockdown quickly followed.

List of people involved. I’m surprised CAIR wasn’t named.

Contents matched the manifest.

So, I’ll stop blogging at this point. Everything seems hunky-dory. And for all those waiting for their auto-parts, they’ll be a little late.

Oh, and get the lawyers ready. We’ll hear about this horrible case of Racial Profiling soon. CAIR will be up in arms. And we’ll hear many remarks about how a few extremists have hijacked Islam.

4:25 PM: Oh, and all of these legal immigrants (the driver was 20 years old) were coming from Dearborn, MI. Ok, now I’m a little freaked out. I think this may be a probe of security at the port.


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