Vilsack proves me right

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack has called for a rejection of the “surge” troop allocation proposed by President Bush. But he’s not so gung-ho about using those same Congressional purse-strings to force troop reduction in Iraq.

“I think it’s one way of absolutely putting that on the table,” Vilsack told The Associated Press. “Mr. President, you don’t have a blank check. Congress basically made a mistake by giving him a blank check at the beginning of this process. Now they are basically saying you don’t get a second blank check.” …

“I think we take the first step and see what kind of reaction we get from the administration,” he said. “I’m not willing to suggest we have a cutting off of funds that would really put people in greater danger than they are today.”

Yep. Don’t increase the troop number. But don’t take any away. It’s like it’s “stay the course” or something…


In additional news, the Democrats want symbolic votes to try and isolate Republicans over their war views.

Now, to all the Republican Congresspersons out there who read my blog (that’s zero), I have this advice: vote for the troop increase.

Seriously. You’re not going to lose more seats in the House. The Senate? No real losses there. People already voted with their displeasure with Iraq, and they’re not going to keep voting it, especially if you’re the minority vote.

The symbolic vote by the Democrats is silly. The next election is 2 years away. Who’s going to remember a symbolic vote now?


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