Plus ca change…

plus c’est la meme chose.

I don’t understand why people idolize politicians. Bill Clinton was a sleazeball politician who did many shady and unscrupulous things. George H.W. Bush was involved with the CIA for many years. Hillary’s been moving her voting record to the center to mask her true liberal beliefs. George W. Bush has touted conservative causes but so far seems to be a Christian Socialist. And Nancy Pelosi has wrapped herself in the cloak of Crusader Mom who’s going to clean up Washington.

Well, it’s January 12th. And what glorious changes has the new Congress bestowed upon us?

A) A minimum wage bill that applies to everyone– except for some of Nancy Pelosi’s substituents in San Francisco (by way of American Samoa).

B) Barbara Boxer making a jab at Sec. Rice’s singledom. (While Boxer is a b***h, I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt here.)

C) The 100 Hours of Great Reform are going by, and so far all we’ve seen is a vote for a higher minimum wage (boooo!) and negotiation ability of the Feds for medication prices (yaaay! to that, but boooo! to the program in general). Pelosi defines her hours as “only legislative hours”. That’s amusing. It’s like being accused of sleeping 20 hours a week at work, and then saying, “Ah, but I was dreaming of work for 18 of those hours, so that counts.”

D) And a Democrat is comparing the residents of the White House to Klingons. Maybe we should send some tribbles to see if he’s right?

E) And don’t forget about cleaning up the culture of corruption. Pelosi started with Rep. John Conyers by… not doing anything to him despite admissions to ethical misconduct.

So there you have it. Republicans are corrupt, greedy, unethical politicians. Well, so are the Democrats. It’s these blatant examples of mind-numbing self-serving partisanship that makes me want to hurl. And it’s precisely these folks who make me want to reduce the impact of the Federal government in our lives.

Seriously. You put your faith in politicians, you’re a moron. Support their actions if they are righteous, but never, ever give them more control over your daily life. As Pelosi has proven with the minimum wage “exemption”, what’s good for you is not necessarily good for them.

UPDATE: F) Earmark reform won’t pass. If it did, how could politicians hide their pork projects? (Oddly enough, the House Democrats passed the measure, but the Senate Democrats squashed it after it was introduced by a Republican. Up is down in Washinton D.C.)


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