Al Gore Chickens Out And More Global Warming Craziness!

The Volokh Conspiracy has a post concerning the JyllandsPosten in Denmark (No Cartoons Allowed!) and their interview with Al Gore about golf. No, really, it was about Global Warming!

The Wall $treet Journal has an interesting subscribers-only op-ed by JyllandsPosten culture editor Fleming Rose and Bjorn Lomborg on Al Gore’s unwillingness to debate or take tough interview questions on his movie and book, An Inconvenient Truth. As Rose and Lomborg tell it, JyllandsPosten, the Denmark’s largest newspaper, had an interview scheduled with Gore to coincide with his visit to the country. The paper also planned to include Lomborg as a counterpoint in the interview, but it was not to be.

So Al Gore won’t sit in a point-counterpoint session? And then, because it was first set up like that, he won’t even grant an interview?

Hey, how about we just strip Bjorn Lomborg of his degree and status, being a critic and all? Think it’s extreme? Not for the Weather Channel Climatologist who thinks anyone disagreeing with Global Warming should have their American Meteorological Society endorsements stripped from them. Even when there’s this lonely Russian who says it’s the Sun causing the warming, not the CO2. Strip him of his credentials and toss him to the curb! What a jerk!

But all of this doesn’t matter. Queen Pelosi is set to convene hearings on Global Warming and endorse any crackpot scheme to make themselves look like they’re fighting Global Warming. I bet it’s going to be a new tax on gasoline, but that’s just my guess.

So long as Inofhe is ready to do battle in the Senate, I’m sure the reasonable among us are in good hands.


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