Bush proclaims ‘National Sanctity of Human Life’ day

I proclaim it’s time for an Aquanet Moment! And it goes to a previous recipient, Democratic lunatic Bob Geiger over at the PuffingTons Host.

Now, when we talk about respecting the sanctity of life, we’re talking about respecting life enough not to kill it. So, we’re talking about the death penalty, euthanasia, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and yes, Bob, war.

So, let’s see how Bob, high-up Democratic operative, sees it:

Bush then goes on to brag about all the steps his administration has taken to promote his famed “culture of life” saying “we are helping to make our country a more hopeful place.”

Naturally, this doesn’t take into account the many safety-net programs that have suffered under the Bush administration or that his party has blockaded a minimum wage increase for the last 10 years. What about so many elderly and disabled who have had to do without home heating assistance with Bush’s crew running the Congress?

Heating? It’s like Bush is leaving people out in the cold. What a cruel bastard! Oh, but the utility companies have heating assistance. And there are religious charities that assist the elderly. And their families. But, you know, if the Feds don’t step in regulate, well, it’s just cruel!

I guess there’s also no point in talking about the fact that, since Bush became president, almost eight million more Americans have no medical coverage of any kind or that his refusal to even acknowledge a health care crisis has left millions of elderly Americans and children with no ability to stay healthy. But, hey, once that little cell becomes a child, the GOP’s obligation to care seems to cease, doesn’t it?

So all of these people are turned away at hospitals, right? Oh, that’s right, they aren’t. In fact, anyone with or without medical insurance can be treated in our system, and it’s usually the state that picks up the tab.

But, you know, if the Feds are regulating it, it’s broken. Right, Bob?

And, of course, the saddest and most profound hypocrisy is that Bush’s little proclamation comes too late for the 3,030 U.S. military dead in Iraq, the thousands of troops who have come home maimed and bearing the scars of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome or the untold number of Iraqis killed in the name of Bush’s life-affirming effort in Iraq.

And Bush is the one killing the troops, right? Or is it the insurgents? And are the insurgents inspired by the anti-war sentiment that’s flooded our media since the first day we invaded Iraq? And the more divided we are, the more it bolsters the insurgents? So, in reality, when you openly talk about withdrawing from Iraq and getting out by the end of the year, you’re giving the insurgents incentive to continue attacking our troops because their strategy is working. And the more insurgents there are and the longer they fight, the more US Troops die.

So, in reality, you’re the one “killing the troops”, Bob. You and the 33% of Democrats who actively want the US to lose in Iraq.

And then there’s the omission of abortion and the millions of babies aborted each year. Those people are killed because they’ve been classified as “less than human” by people like Bob. One million children dead, and nothing from Bob. Of course, he’ll say he regrets every abortion, but that’s like saying, “I regret the law which allows us to legally kill young children. But I have no plans to change it.”

Such a stance is insanity. And to criticize a pro-life President on such a day from a pro-choice position is the height of insanity. One can of Aquanet and a match for Mr. Geiger.


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