There’s no street outrage against Iraq!

So says Russel Shaw over at the PuffingTons Host.

And what’s to blame? Why, Christian Fundamentalism, of course!

At least in my corner of the world (Oregon) it seems that the significant majority of obits I read for our tragically slain soldiers in Iraq contains biographical elements that point to evangelical Christian piety. Either by upbringing or conversion, we often read words to this effect… loved his country…loved the Lord…brave young man…wanted to serve his country as his father did.

And then when we look to see where these services are held, we see very few of these held in, say Methodist or Presbyterian churches. No, we see a preponderance of generically titled, Evangelical denominational houses of worship as well as free-standing churches.

The dominant behavioral theologies in these churches is not one of contemplation or quest, but of obedience to a higher authority. That would be God, and you-know-who, and country. And the President of your country.

Your country, right or wrong.

Your country calls, you go. Your President calls, you go.

These are believers who are taught absolute matters of GOOD AND EVIL, right and wrong, black and white, and to question is to waver and to waver is weak. Believers in whose homes “Hanoi Jane” Fonda and Bill “draft dodger” Clinton, are reviled still.

Delve into some the theology that these churches espouse, and you’ll often see a literal interpretation of The Bible. Given some of these beliefs- absolute lines of good and evil without any shades of grey, prophets riding down from heaven and he who ascended- well, it isn’t hard for someone who believes in that movement of prophets between celestial and terrestrial realms to buy the false notion that Saddam moved the WMDs to Syria.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is a part of America that when they lose their son or daughter, are more likely to say “this was part of God’s plan” than “screw this war.” And the part of America that is going through these terrible experiences are- as a general rule- not given to demonstrations.

Why? Because, well, we lost our son but that’s not due to an ill-advised and ill-fought war.

It’s because the Lord willed it.

So the dumbass redneck evangelicals are the ones who are supposed to be outraged, but because the Lord wills it, they aren’t.

This is so typical of the left-wing mindset of the US Military. They are nothing but a bunch of gung-ho redneck fundie Christians or poor black kids who had no choice but to join the military. Nothing about pride to serve. Nothing about duty to country. Nothing about honor. The US Military are Christian Crusaders or the exploited underprivileged.


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