It’s worldwide Blog for Choice day!

Not a coincidence it falls on Blue Monday. But several posters are out there talking about why they’re proud to be Pro-Choice. Not surprisingly there’s no elected Democrat speaking out about it. Jessica Valenti left a typical “easy option” post over at PuffingTons.

Alternatively, you can find Canadian judge Bertha Wilson who’s proud to be Pro-Choice. And she goes into why she’s pro-choice.

I believe, however, that the flaw in the present legislative scheme goes much deeper than that. In essence, what it does is assert that the woman’s capacity to reproduce is not to be subject to her own control. It is to be subject to the control of the state. She may not choose whether to exercise her existing capacity or not to exercise it. This is not, in my view, just a matter of interfering with her right to liberty in the sense (already discussed) of her right to personal autonomy in decision-making, it is a direct interference with her physical “person” as well. She is truly being treated as a means — a means to an end which she does not desire but over which she has no control. She is the passive recipient of a decision made by others as to whether her body is to be used to nurture a new life. Can there be anything that comports less with human dignity and self-respect? How can a woman in this position have any sense of security with respect to her person?

While I agree with Bertha that the state shouldn’t tell anyone what to do with her body, she doesn’t address the science behind abortion. She merely states that she’s being “forced” to nurture new life.

Well, Bertha, A) sexual activity can lead to pregnancy, and as it was her choice to engage in such an action, the choice to be pregnant was an assumed risk of the sexual activity and B) there is one thing that comports less with human dignity and self-respect, and that is to stand idly by and rationalize the killing of the most basic form of human life– the child.

So be proud all you want. Your particular nearsightedness does nothing but increase the objectification of women as sexual objects in our sex-crazed culture.

At some point in the near future, I’ll post the logical (and secular) reasoning behind banning abortion.Publish


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