Hunter for President!

It’s about time we had someone run for President who fights crime with a steely disposition and has a hot and well-armed partner. A team that’s not afraid to bend the rules to get the bad guy. A team that knows what’s it’s like to be an American!

Hunter is running for President!

Yeah, take that street toughs!

And take that, Kim Jong Il! Hunter is going to put up with your crap!

And you too, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! Hunter’s going to shove that uranium enrichment program right up your hindquarters!

Yeah, I’m all jacked! That’s.. what? That’s not the right Hunter? Aw, crap.

It’s really Rep. Duncan Hunter (California), former chair of the House Armed Services Committee and former Army Ranger. None of this Air National Guard stuff. We’re talking Ranger.

Tell you the truth, he seems to be kind of conservative I can get behind. His website, at least his exploratory website, is here.


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