Global Warming Update

It’s -7 with the wind chill today. Brrr! It could be worse. If it wasn’t for the CO2, it’d be -80!

All allegorical humor aside, it seems to be the Day of the Living Global Warming Scare-the-Crap-Outta-You Government Report.

First, it’s the usual suspects– the IPCC. Synopsis: We have to fly our jets to a special luxury resort, hopefully close to good skiing, and discuss how best to form committees to talk about the things America has to do to combat Global Warming. And how long it is before we all die as the seas rise 20 ft from the glaciers melting.

The IPCC’s latest draft states the Earth will warm at least 4.5 C in the next 100 years. So says their computer models and estimates based on past observed data.

In the meantime, 2 in every 5 scientists employed by the Feds are getting pressure to stop talking about Global Warming. (Hmm, I wonder if it’s because they’re making erroneous conclusions and their superiors are reprimanding them for it?)

But, leave it to Drudge to drop his Super Conservative Evil Nazi Death Cult Global Warming Denier Special. He has a flash about two books which claim the Sun is the real reason the Earth is warming. I guess he had to write it himself because no respected news organization would dare contradict the Global Warming Meme.


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