Biden Blow Up; The Messiah Says Conservatives Illogical

So, Senator Biden, fresh into is Presidential bid, has decided the best way to get out ahead of the pack is to distinguish between “clean” blacks and “dirty” blacks.

According to Drudge’s quote from the article (which is responding sluggishly– the common response to a Drudge link):

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy’… “

Ugh. Really? Biden loves to talk, and it’s not too far fetched to imagine him saying this, but it’s such a loaded phrase and Biden is such a careful speaker, I really wonder if he actually said it…

In the NYO article linked above, Biden is never quoted as saying such a thing. Allah over at HotAir has the quotation from the same article.

Oh, I just heard an explosion. Yep, it’s the server over at the Observer. Kaboooom! Send the bill to Matt Drudge.

Biden’s saying that all other African-American politicians aren’t articulate, they’re stupid, dirty and ugly. Well, male politicians, anyway. Had Biden said, ‘Obama is articulate, bright, clean & nice-looking’, we’d say, ‘Yeah, ok, he is.’ But to load it up with “first mainstream African American”? That’s political suicide. Which is OK by me. I’m more than happy to show Biden the door, as Presidential Candidate or US Senator.

But don’t mistake it for racism. Only Republicans are racists. Right, Sen. Byrd?


In Messiah news (that’s Barack Obama, donchaknow), Obama states that the arguments of liberals are often grounded in “logic and fact“.

And, because he’s clean and articulate, he’s right.

Unless he’s wrong.

1) Taxes: Liberals always want to raise taxes because they claim it will help the economy. Yet, each time taxes are cut, the economy roars forward. The evidence seems to state that higher taxes stifle economic growth, whereas lower taxes assist economic growth. Where’s the logic?

2) Abortion: Liberals think abortion is OK because the in-utero creature is not human and therefore is not guaranteed rights, such as the right to live. But science shows the in-utero creature is human, and it is distinguishable biological from both parents. But to claim it’s a human with rights is, well, wrong, according to liberals. Facts? Science? bah!

3) Global Warming: Liberals want Kyoto, even though all climatologists state that the impact on CO2 emissions will be minor, if any. In addition, economists agree that the US economy will take a big hit from Kyoto. So should we sign something that won’t help the problem but will put millions of Americans in economic jeopardy? Sure, why not, says the liberal. Logic? Doesn’t apply here.

4) Iraq: Liberals want the US to pull out of the region, but they want a “US Victory”. How can you have a victory if you don’t want anybody there? Sounds like you want a defeat. Victory = defeat, according to liberal lexicon. Hardly logical, donchaknow?

But I guess on all the issues I didn’t address– that’s where liberal logic really applies.

I apologize. I should never have argued with the Messiah.


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