Gore Winner of Nobel Peace Prize?

You have got to be kidding me. No, wait. It’s Nobel. The same organization that gave the prize to Yasser Arafat for pushing “peace” in the Middle East (which failed in grand form, followed by the Intifada which has cost the lives of thousands) and then refused to give it to Gerry Adams (of the IRA) because he was a terrorist (although his push for the Good Friday accords have pretty much brought peace to Northern Ireland and the IRA has given up its weapons).

But, excuse me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Peace Prize supposed to go towards people working towards peace?

Al Gore and his push towards elimination of carbon dioxide production (hey, you, stop breathing!) will do nothing for world peace. Let me explain.

What props up the economies of the Middle East? Oil. Now, suppose we just stop using oil. Suppose we invent the car that runs on water. Everyone buys one, and we have cars driving around that run on water. The demand for oil plummets. Gas prices drop. As a result, there is a dramatic shift in energy markets. Nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela– all countries which have an economy based on oil exports– are going to go into immediate recession/depression. Single resource economies based on oil are going to fail, and that’s going to devastate those countries. Countries in such situations tend to develop dictatorial governance and dictators never contribute to global peace.

Alternatively, Al Gore’s carbon restrictions will handicap strong industrial economies, like the US. With the economy restricted, the US will not be able to contribute to the worldwide economy as well, nor will it be able to be as charitable as it has in the past. As a result, with less foreign aid, smaller, poorer countries will suffer.

Now, countries which are poor often battle each other over resources, and it is possible smaller countries, like those in Africa, will engage in resource wars. Once stable governments will fall, replaced by military juntas. All of this is a domino effect of a restriction of energy exports and a reduction in Western aid.

But, you know, Al Gore really cares for the environment. So much so he’s been flying all over the world on jets and driven everywhere in limo SUVs, just so he can give his big computerized talk that burns much coal-based energy, just to tell us how evil we are to be contributing to the Global Warming crisis.

Oh, yes. The Crisis he won’t debate with skeptics.

So, it’s par for the course for the Nobel Peace Prize wing in Oslo. It’s a shame, really, that politics plays such a big part of the selection process. Who would’ve thought Jimmah Carter and Al Gore would be Nobel Laureates?


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