It’s Something Master Shake Would Do

So, a marketing firm decides to distribute nondescript packages with a battery-powered circuit board for a promotional stunt. They don’t think that the police may think the package is a bomb. So, who gets in trouble?

The two schmoes they hire to deliver the packages.

Now, it’s a stunt to promote Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the upcoming movie. The circuit board was actually the Mooninite Ignignot presenting the finder with an electronic obscene gesture.

Now, when you think about the absolute mental failure of those involved in this marketing scheme, it’s actually quite brilliant, because they absent-mindedly emulated the behavior of Shake, or possibly Meatwad, in their plan.

I can imagine it now:

Shake: Wait wait wait. I’ve got it. We leave little packages of Ignignot all over the city.

Frylock: Shake–

Shake: Then people pick up these packages and think, “What could possibly be in this package?”

Frylock: Shake–

Shake: Then they open the package and find the little guy— flipping them off!

Frylock: Shake, that’s probably the dumbest idea you’ve ever had.

Shake: No! It’s brilliant! Then people will understand that it’s a promo for a MOVIE!

Frylock: No, Shake! They’ll think it’s a box of anthrax and call the police.

Shake: Good! Now that they’re back together, they can sing the new THEMESONG. I think ours is really quite stale.

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1 Response to “It’s Something Master Shake Would Do”

  1. 1 TexinYK
    February 1, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    Now, all the future Islamofascist bombers will have to do is make the bomb packages look like a marketing tool, and they’ll be left alone to blow up real good…

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