Remember November? Those were good ol’ times.

It looks as though the US Senate (Democratically controlled, btw) is taking a hard stance on the War in Iraq. They want… absolutely nothing to change.

That makes about as much sense as the Big Blue Comma. You know, the Big Blue Comma.


See? It makes no sense. Especially in light of the November elections. People wanted change. They want victory in Iraq, and they want it sooner rather than later. The Bush Administration gets advice from the bipartisan Iraq Study Group (ISG) which says some crazy crap. Bush consults his top generals, changes the command structure, and changes the strategy (which has resulted in the most wanted people in Iraq running away… to Iran). And then he proposes a troop surge to secure Baghdad and end sectarian violence these. Sounds like a solid plan for counterinsurgency ops, right?

Well, not to the US Senate. Despite their victory in the November elections, the best the senators can do is come up with the idea that “yeah, everything’s cool, no need to change.”

What the hell is wrong with our political parties? The Republicans couldn’t get it right. Now the Democrats are more than content to let things go as they have been the past few years. Aren’t these the same idiots who ran against the Iraq war? There’s no change. There’s no promotion of new policy. It’s broad scale complaining. The only person with a new idea on Iraq is Bush– and they reject it because they feel that the current plan is working just fabulously!

What’s the most telling part of the whole story is a quote from a Missouri military mom:

“The whole reason so many of us worked for Democratic candidates was so that they would get a majority in Congress and bring the troops home,” said Tina Richards, who described herself as a lifelong Republican from Missouri whose opposition to the Iraq war turned her into a Democrat. “They’re in the majority now, but they won’t bring the troops home.”
She said her son is a Marine reservist who expects to be called up as part of Mr. Bush’s plan to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq.

Tina, the best way to bring the troops home is to give them the support and tools they need to get the job done as fast and as bloodlessly as possible. Bringing them home ASAP isn’t going to ensure victory, nor will it end the bloodshed in Iraq. And worse– it will make the next conflict involving our troops more dangerous because the enemy knows what it takes to drive us from a combat operation.

But she’s right about her elected officials. They’re spineless politicos. And most have been lingering in the Senate for decades.

Are you ready for term limits yet? I am.


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