Saturday Night Fun Posts

Are Britons ready to reject socialism?

Glenn Reynolds has a good, level-headed post about global warming and how to approach it. I’m not sure about a ban on private jets, but more nuke-power plants, more efficient wind-farms, tidal-electric plants are a good start. In addition, more efficient power transmission would certainly make a big impact. One of my personal research projects involves carbon-based wires that act as energy-generators when they’re hit by light, something that would be cheap and provide an efficient solar energy transfer that could be used by personal users.

I will say that there’s a HUGE reservoir of energy located in the lower 48 that hasn’t been tapped. It would have a two big advantages (clean power and environmental friendliness), but implementation would be a bit problematic. Stay tuned– I may be very famous is ten years.

I’m predicting the Colts in the Super Bowl tomorrow, 34-20. The Soup’s Joel McHale predicted the Bears 24-21. I don’t think the Bears have the discipline to stop the Colts and it’s going to be a game to watch for the commercials. And Prince! Yes, he’s got his name back!


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