Puffingtons Host Watch: Day 4

Well, it was Monday. A glorious Monday. And I was sitting around, recovering from a nasty 24-hour stomach virus given to my wife and I by our two loving children. (I’ll never say they didn’t give me anything.) And I was reading my inbox, and my spambox, wondering where the mea culpa from Puffingtons Host was. And you know what? Nowhere to be found.

But I will point out PuffingtonsHost blogger Cliff Schecter and his illumianting post that doesn’t resort to name-calling or character attacks:

You may have seen the non-controversy over John Edwards’ hiring of talented blogger Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon fame. Or maybe not.

The basic story is that uber-moronic Right-tards such as Michelle Malkin, whose IQ has been in an internment camp for the better part of her life, thinks it’s really bad that Amanda said words like “f**k” on her blog.

So, the commenters are held to one standard, while the bloggers themselves can operate above those standards? Sounds like the typical reasoning of Democratic leadership.

But yeah, go ahead and ban me because… well, I have no idea why, but evidently they’re tired of me ripping their enlightened individuals.


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