If you need to know who Leeroy Jenkins is, by all means, look him up.

And now you need to know why I invoke the name of one of the greatest legends of World of Warcraft and a reasonably famous political entity in the same breath.

You see, in WoW (World of Warcraft), there are big places to go that have lots of cool drops (that’s game gear) and to get into those places, you really need about 39 or so of your best friends along, all geared up and trained for their specific purposes of aiding you in your raid. It’s not unlike a political campaign. You need strategy, good people, people who know what they are doing, and most importantly, people who aren’t going to fly off the cuff at the worst possible moment and get the whole raid killed by aggressive monsters, er, whole political campaign destroyed by hostile political elements.

So, John Edwards, seemingly saavy political heavyweight, organizes the money, infrastructure, and team to help get his name out as the frontrunner for the DNC nomination for President in 2008.

Enter one Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon. She seems great. She’s the blogmaster of a popular liberal blog. She’s full of liberal activism. She’s ready to get the lead out and lead an internet campaign to recruit volunteers, raise money, and disseminate information about John Edwards and his campaign.

Well, just as in a raid in World of Warcraft, you really need to make sure everyone is on the same page and nobody is going to fly off the cuff. In fact, you need to make sure they haven’t already flown off the cuff.

But, it turns out that Marcotte already has, in spectacular, vulgar fashion. Publicly. And in print. You just can’t erase the Google cache machine, folks. Every blog entry you have is public record. And that includes anything you say about Catholics, or “rich white boys“, or BushCo, or Southerners.

So, just as you get your “raid” together and start Edwards 2008, Amanda Marcotte charges out of the gates yelling “LEEEEEROOOOY JENKINS!” And suddenly you’re hip deep in trouble.

It looks like the Edwards campaign is ready to kick Marcotte and McEwan from the campaign. And it looks as though it might start a widespread campaign of nutsroots lunacy. If Edwards had only given such a decision half a moment of thought instead of designing rooms in his tiny little house, he might have realized that this was a monumental mistake.

Can Edwards reorganize the campaign? Can he successfully raid Molten Core? It’ll take some time, but he needs to replace his Leeroy Jenkins, and that takes time. Time that’s spent dwelling on a very poor personnel decision.


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