What "Marcotte Jenkins" Means to the Left Side of the Blogosphere

I’ll let Chris Bowers at MyDD say it.

If Amanda and Melissa are terminated from the Edwards campaign, there is no way I could respect either myself or the movement and support Edwards in the primary. His campaign will have contributed to the longstanding goals of the conservative movement and DLC-nexus alike to defund, marginalize, ostricize, and otherwise diminish the influence and credibility of the people-powered netroots and grassroots. Such a move would reinforce every elitist, ignorant, double-standard, disinformation campaign ever run against the netroots and the blogosphere. During a primary election, when Democrats are trying to decide what direction our party will take, I won’t be a part of a campaign that decides to run as fast as it can away from the blogosphere, the netroots, and the progressive movement.

Let me boil it down for you. “Democrats, you’d better listen to us. No more marginalizing. We’ve got power, and we intend to wield it. So hire us, glorify us, show us just how important we are by kow-towing to our strength. If you marginalize us, then the entire Blue Blogosphere will turn against you, and then you’re toast.

“So, John Edwards, and any other Democratic hopeful out there, pay homage to our greatness, or we’ll throw a stink so bad your campaign will never recover.”

On the internet, anyway.

Chris cements his egotistical rant at the end of the post with an update:

also want to note that I guess, way down the road, it would be possible for me to forgive the Edwards campaign for this if they make the wrong decision. After all, I have forgiven him for his war vote in October of 2002 because he has since admitted it was a mistake, consistently supported withdrawal, and vigorously opposed escalation.

So, if can forgive you, but so long as you tow my line and kiss my ring.


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