Global Warming Sunday

Danish Nazis are on the loose. Good to know I have company. It’s interesting stuff, especially with the cosmic ray experiments. There’s some more on it here.

Cosmic radiation is a little different that solar radiation. Solar radiation, also known as luminescence, is a measure of the light that sun emits. Grist.org talks about some selective evidence that the sun has be constant in its luminescence, but the change in cosmic ray emission is not linked to luminescence.

Cosmic rays are particles, namely things like pions, hydrogen ions, alpha particles and heavier nuclei. Effectively these particles are the byproducts of fusion. When these particles hit neutral, gaseous atmosphere, they produce free radicals and isotopes which are then charged (ionized). Those particles are considered ionizing radiation.

So the difference between luminescence and particle emission is one it light and the other is matter. And if Svensmark is right, it makes total sense. Not only that, it uses clouds, the one piece of evidence climate modelers have dismissed by “hand-waving”, to explain the current warming period.

Svensmark is reporting that the sun is releasing less cosmic radiation which is causing less cloud cover. That means less light is being reflected by clouds, and more light is reaching the planet, even though there has been no real change in luminescence from the sun.

Now they’re going to try and run an experiment that will confirm Svensmark’s idea. If it’s verified, it’ll pretty much mute the CO2 Greenhouse Warming arguments. It will also extend the point at which we have to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.


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