Minimum Wage Hike Leads to Layoffs

Teenagers are losing their jobs and going to the streets where they’ll find sex, drugs and rock & roll.

Had we kept the minimum wage at $5.15, that would be more teenagers working and staying away from the perils of drugs like pot, ecstasy, and Unreal tournament.


Speaking of minimum wage, did you know the socialist running for leader of France is advocating raising the minimum wage to about $2000 per month. That’s about $11 an hour for working 22 hours a day. But don’t worry. It won’t run the unemployment rate up, though. Here’s the fun part:

In a two-hour speech to about 10,000 supporters north of Paris, she laid out a 100-proposal platform, pledging to raise pensions, to increase the minimum wage to €1,500, or about $2,000, a month and to guarantee a job or further training for every youth within six months of graduating from university.

So you will get a job. Just the job the government wants you to have, at a whole whopping $2000 a month. Unless it’s a job as a state-sponsored whore. Then they’ll suspend your unemployment benefits because you obviously don’t want to work.


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