Sheldon Drobny Watch: Day… something…

Sheldon’s back. Well, he never left. But he has an interesting blog over at the PuffingTons Host. It’s all about his father, and how his father instilled values in Shel after they left Poland in 1945.

Here’s some of it:

Accordingly, the idea of an after life was never expressed to me by my parents and in my Jewish studies. That is true for most of my generation of Jewish Americans. On the other hand, I observed that many of my Christian friends had an abiding belief of heaven and hell primarily through the teachings of the New Testament.

I could not relate to the teachings of the Jewish scripture in that I personally believed it was written by the people of the period from stories handed down to them through the generations. History has proven that the Hebrew bible sometimes called “Torah” was written during the Babylonian exile of the Jews in the 6th century B.C.E., not by Moses 700 years earlier. My reading of the New Testament makes me equally skeptical of scripture as both a spiritual and historical guide to our lives. However, after the deaths of my mother and father, I began to have a different attitude about spirituality and the tangible experience we call life.

Great stuff. A man does soul searching, trying to find truth and align himself in the cosmic hierarchy.

And what great truth does he find? What does God reveal to Sheldon?

That information was helpful to me in making peace with my mother shortly after she died. I knew she needed me to say the Kaddish prayer for her whether or not I believed it to be meaningful. What I also took away from this is an abiding belief in cosmic justice that gives me a strong sense that those who have lived evil and cruel lives will not escape cosmic justice. The Bush/Cheney cabal and all the evil-doers that preceeded them in my mind are wearing the chains of Marley’s Ghost from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and are condemned to do so for eternity. And I believe there is no person who will be able to cleanse their eternal souls no matter who says the Kaddish prayer for them.

God hates Bush and all of his followers are condemned to hell. Seriously, folks, you can’t make this stuff up.


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