Um, Have You Seen the Name of the Series?

The L.A. Times has a piece about a bunch of folks who paid a visit to the set of “24” to talk about torture. Here’s what they asked the producers:

A few steps away from the CTU set of Fox’s “24,” an unlikely alliance of human rights activists, the dean of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and veteran interrogators with experience stretching from Saigon to Abu Ghraib gathered around two tables in mid-November. The group was there to meet with some of the creative forces behind “24,” one of television’s most successful serialized dramas, famous for its relentless derring-do depiction of an American counter-terrorism unit.

The East Coast crowd didn’t fly into town to pitch another quasi-military action series, but rather to advance a simple plea: Make your torture scenes more authentic.

By that, they did not mean bloodier or more savage. Instead, they wanted “24” to show torture subjects taking weeks or months to break, spitting out false or unreliable intelligence, and even dying. As they do in the real world.

They want them to show it taking months for a torture suspect to break, right? But the show focuses on the events of one day. How is that supposed to happen?

And, aren’t we talking about “24”? The show some have said “jumps the shark” in every episode? Realism– well, it’s just not something “24” is grounded in.


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