Saturday Morning Posts

Much thanks to everyone who’s viewed my video here and on YouTube. Feel free to share the video with friends, family and colleagues. All I ask is you give proper citation as to where it came from.

Time is urgent, here, too. Hopefully this video will stir public resentment towards Rep. Murtha and the cowards who are planning the “slow bleed” approach to defeat. But it has to go out soon, so spread the message.


In science news, looks like the blind have reason to be happy. Human trials are starting on a bionic eye which allows those who could not see before to recognize faces. The detail that comes through isn’t great, and it certainly won’t match that of a functional human eye, but it is the first breakthrough in repairing blindness. As the technology improves, expect to see better and better resolution in these retinal electrodes.


And as the blind start to see, the first thing they will get to see is a bald Britney Spears. It’s enough to make one claw at their bionic implants. I just hope she’s not going the route of Bob Geldof in “The Wall”:

I’ve stayed away from commenting on the Libby trial, simply because it’s a legal freakshow. Nobody knows what the hell is going on, and that includes Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald.

If you want a good analysis and roundup, Victoria Toensing does a very nice job over at WaPo. Effectively, everyone involved should be locked up. Or pelted with rotting squash. Mmmmm… rotting squash!


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