Words we make up

A woman I know who has kids and I were talking about how having children ruins your language. For example, today I was at Wal-Mart with my family and I said, ‘We are going home with the furniture we have just boughten!”

I changed that to “We are going home with the furniture we have just purchased.” Turns out I didn’t make up a word, but it certainly sounded like it at the time.

My woman friend said the same thing. She was feeding her kids and one of them picked up a piece of orange and started squeezing it. She said, “We don’t squozen our orange juice into our soup!”

Before having children, my English was fabulous. Lots of big words, well-formed speech– it was an amalgam of phonetic eloquence. But now– I have problems coming up with words. It’s like Alzheimer’s. People call it “baby brain”. It’s seriously bad.

But if it wasn’t for “baby brain”, we wouldn’t have the word boughten. Or the soon to be word “squozen”!


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