The Dreaded Thursday Morning Update

Happy start of Lent to everyone observing. Hope your days are filled with reflection.

The NYT (and basically everyone else under the sun) is highlighting the “infighting” between Hillary and the Messiah (Obama). You can read about the details here. You can also read about the “infighting” between VP Cheney and Sen. John McCain. McCain laid into Rumsfeld for being the worst SecDef ever, and Cheney, who’s been a buddy of Rummy since the Jurassic, stuck up for his friend.

Hardly equal, that infighting. But everyone’s comments, except for Cheney’s, are attempts to garner support for primary elections that are still a good year away.

Sick of it yet? I’m sure we’ll all be come primary time.


England is pulling out of Iraq. It’s no surprise– this has been in the works for a good year now. But leave it to the WaPo to label it as a “bad-news” story.

Let’s face it, though. The British are supporting parts of Iraq that have been relatively quiet, like Basra. So to redeploy the British troops elsewhere isn’t a bad idea. And if they land in Afghanistan to bolster the NATO forces there, so much the better.


And HotAir is reporting that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) is recommending we sell F-16 parts to Hugo Chavez.

This, of course, will open up equipment shipments to Iran, Syria, and North Korea to bolster their militaries as well.


I may post more today. I have 40 reports to grade and a proposal to finish, so we’ll see how far I get.


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