Global Warming sponsored by Aquanet

Lots of good global warming stuff out there. First we’ll go to the Daily Times and learn about the governor of Deleware, one Ruth Ann Minner, telling the state climatologist, David R. Legates, to stop using the title “state climatologist” when speaking about climate change.

Yes. Read it again. It’s true! So true that only someone hair-on-fire insane would tell the climatologist– not to be the climatologist! Ruth Ann Minner, you have a well deserved Aquanet Moment coming. Bottle of Aquanet and box of matches, compliments the Autopsy. (Well, virtual ones, anyway. I’m not going to mail her something she’ll obviously mistake as an attempt to destroy the ozone layer.)

Politics trumps science. That’s what the Church said to Gallileo, anyhow.


Kids aren’t getting enough sleep these days because they’re lying in bed, terrified that Global Warming will destroy them.

I remember having that anxiety when I was younger, but it was about nuclear war.

Nice to see the teachers care enough about the kids to scare the crap out of them to conform to their beliefs. I felt the same way when I was 10 and in 5th grade. The teacher would tell us how bad nuclear weapons were and how we’d all die because of Reagan. Well, we’re still here and the nukes that were so terrible knocked out the Soviet Union without a single shot being fired.

And now, ironically enough, one of the best power sources we have to combat Global Warming is nuclear fission.


And one bit from Little Green Footballs.

A fringe group has labeled Al Gore as “The Goracle“.


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