The Goracle Has a Statue to Worship

Well, technically, the producers have the statue. He was just up there to demonstrate he hasn’t taken off the back-brace.

So, congrats, Al. Your inaccurate spook movie on Global Warming won you an oscar. You and Mike Moore should be proud. And the nutroots are going wild. They want Al to jump in and run for President in 2008.

The Politico calls it a “late run“, which I find funny. It’s kind of like me sending out an invitation to a party I’m holding in three weeks. Two days later, 12 people show up, ready to party. Then two days later, Al Gore shows up and everyone says, “Why are ya so late, Al?” Meanwhile the party is still more than 2 weeks away.

David Roberts over at the PuffingTons Host had three orgasmic posts on the Goracale. Effectively, Gore won the Oscar, which is proof that there’s consensus on anthropological Global Warming.

Over at the Boston Globe, they’re talking about how great it would be to have the Goracle as a Presidential Candidate.

And ThinkProgress declares the Oscars have gone green. Well, it’s about time. They’ve been Pinko Leftist for far too long.

Seriously, a guy “wins” an Oscar on a movie that’s total bull, and people want him to run for President. I think it’s time for me to pass out Aquanet Moments to anyone who uses his Oscar “win” as proof he’d be a great candidate.


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