Our Fearless Leaders

No, I’m not talking about Sting.

I’m talking about John McCain, who obviously didn’t learn from Barack Obama and his “wasted lives” shtick. Why, you ask? Because he repeated the same line when talking about Iraq!

Had he skipped Letterman to go to CPAC, he might have saved himself more humiliation, more alienation of the base, and improved his chances to show up 3rd in Iowa.

But no, he continues to meander through the political landscape, oblivious to what it takes to run a successful Presidential campaign.

In the meantime, Rudy Giuliani is being dogged by a charge that he dodged the draft, when he actually followed the rules, applied for and received a deferment, and then entered the lottery, ending up with a high-draft number.

But it won’t matter. Little things like this won’t help the socially progressive Giuliani with the gung-ho base.

In reality, their concerns should focus on his lack of experience with governing. Rudy was mayor of NYC. That’s it. Nothing Federal. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s a valid point that will certainly hurt when brought up in debate.

And, as is the case in politics, these two, with some Mitt, are sucking all the oxygen out of the room, which is interesting considering the more progressive stances of all three candidates.

I’m thinking this is mostly white noise. When Gingrich announces, as he certainly will in November 2007, we’ll have a two-man race at that point, probably between Rudy and Newt. If they’re smart, they’ll join forces early. But it’s still way too early. We may see a darkhorse, like Hunter, surge as one of the top 3 fade.


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