The Assad/Ahmadinejad Phone Transcript!

You’ve heard they’re fighting? Well, through my double-secret sources, I’ve obtained the transcript of the fight. To protect the names of the innocent, I’ve changed Assads name in the transcript to Joe and Ahmadinejad’s name to Henry.

Henry: I plan on supporting that international independent tribunal about the Lebanon affair.

Joe: What? You’re kidding!

Henry: No way, dude. Like, you’ve totally screwed over Lebanon. And you’ll do what we say. I have your chin.

Joe: I knew it! Give me back my chin!

Henry: No.

Joe: Give it back!

Henry: I’ll give it back when the 12th Imam crawls out of the well.

Joe: That’s it, I’m going to sick Hezbollah on you.

Henry: That’s funny. Who makes all their weapons, chinless?

Joe: Damn you. When I get to Paradise, I’m going to come over and steal half of your virgins!

Henry: Big deal. I’m going to be buddies with the Mahdi. Know what that means? Unlimited virgins. That and unlimited Cheetos.

Joe: That’s it! You’re uninvited to my 45th Birthday Slumber Party! And we were going to have an “OC” marathon. Good bye! *slam*

Henry: Assad? Assad? What a big baby. *click*


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