Cpl. Matt Sanchez and Ann Coulter

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Ann Coulter and her headline-grabbing tasteless joke from last week’s CPAC. She’s garnered pretty much universal condemnation for the comment (and, more appropriately, what the comment did to deflate the messages of CPAC), and most were content to say that the conservative movement and Presidential hopefuls were simply doing damage control.

Now Cpl. Matt Sanchez, recipient of the Jeanne Kirkpatrick academic freedom award, has been outed for doing gay pornography some 15 years ago. He states quite clearly his transformation from pornography to conservative in a piece he posted at his blog and on Salon.com.

Sure, it’s embarrassing for the CPAC to have given the award to someone with a big blotch on his past service. But they reaction of conservatives with a “So what?” response, especially under needling by liberal pundits and bloggers, really shines a light on who’s tolerant and who isn’t.

Ann Coulter was practically disowned by an upset Right of the blogosphere with her crude comments at CPAC. Certainly sounds more like something you’d find on Pandagon than at CPAC. And her slur was expertly timed– Ann thrives on outrage, and nothing promotes your name more than outrage (just as Madonna). But conservative backlash comes after the biggest CPAC, chock full of great speeches, humbling awards, and a solidarity of purpose. With one lame “joke”, Ann took CPAC out of the news and instead inserted herself, all the while leaning on a slur for grabbing the spotlight. It’s easy to understand why conservatives were miffed.

So the Right has condemned Ann for her slur while embracing a young man who owned up to his past and had the courage to admit his mistakes (as well as serve in the military). Meanwhile, the Left cries foul at Ann, claiming she’s like all conservatives while they attack Cpl. Sanchez for doing gay porn and being conservative. They call him a hypocrite and mock CPAC for giving and award to someone fighting intolerance at universities.

These two episodes have really highlighted hypocrisy– that of the Left and their actual intolerant attitudes, especially towards conservatives and anyone who used to be a progressive.

The Liberal Intolerant List: NewsHounds, DownWithTyrrany, IvyGate, Pensito Review, Viviane’s Sex Carnival, Max Blumenthal at HuffPo and the one who broke it all, JoeMyGod.

Others blogging: HotAir, Michelle Malkin, Gay Patriot, Right Wing News


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