A Titanic Catastrophe!

James Cameron’s “Lost Tomb of–” zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

*snort..* what? Oh, hey, you’re still there? Must’ve dozed off.

That’s right, I was talking about James Cameron’s “The Lost Tomb of Je–“…*snore*

Enough fun with it. I watched the whole thing. And I’ll never get those 5 hours of my life back. Yes, it was 2 hours long. But I fell asleep during it three times! No joke. Let me just say that the documentary was not shocking, not controversial, and most of all, not going to be taken as gospel truth anytime in the near future. And the archaeological world seems to be saying the same things.

Maybe that’s why Discovery isn’t touting the success it had with the doc?

But I’ll recommend it to anyone here who has trouble sleeping. Fifteen minutes of “the name is Joseph. There can’t have been that many Josephs’ running around Israel”. Boring!

But it’s nice to see Cameron has a Titanic success on his hands. One big splash, so to speak, before it sinks to the bottom of the sea, never to be mentioned again.


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