SF Chronicle Gets It Almost Right

The SF Chronicle has a story about the reaction to Ann Coulter and her attention-grabbing slut uttered at the CPAC last week.

I was on board with the article until I read this:

Conservative gay scholar Andrew Sullivan, who heard Coulter’s comments live, said she uttered it with “malice aforethought.” But equating it to other slurs is a difficult comparison, Sullivan said.

Conservative gay scholar? Well, they have the gay part right. But conservative? You have to be joking!

If Andrew Sullivan is conservative, then I’m King of the Libertarians. And as far as scholarship goes, Andrew is pretty far removed from the field. The guy’s a blogger who’s written a few books. If that’s the case, Michelle Malkin’s a scholar. Michael Savage is a scholar. Hell, even Howard Stern would be a scholar.

Conservative scholar. Come on.


In the meantime, look what Mick LaSalle has to say about “300”. He’s one of the best movie critics around, but doesn’t get his props. Well, props from “The Autopsy”, Mick.


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